Jewish Archives in Australia and New Zealand

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Archive of Australian Judaica at the University of Sydney, Stanley Fisher Library

Founded in 1983, the Archive of Australian Judaica holds materials relating to the history of Jewish life in Australia from its origin to the twenty-first century. It holds over 32 partial or complete collections of Jewish community organizations, and 80 individual collections of prominent Australian Jews. The material housed in the Archive consists of a variety of types including anything of an archival or ephemeral nature, which reflects the multifaceted nature of Jewish life in Australia, and its social interactions with the broader Australian community.

Holdings include periodicals: The Australian Israelite (1871-1874), The Jewish Herald (1929-) the Australian Jewish Newspaper (1974-2004), and over 100 Jewish organizational newsletters. They also have ephemera, a collection of approximately 1,200 photographs, audio-visual materials including recordings of the Jewish Radio Hour.

Researchers can scan material on the in-house scanner for free; photography and additional high resolution scanning is assessed on a case by case basis.

Australian Jewish Historical Society, Sydney

The Australian Jewish Historical Society was founded in 1938, and has sought to compile and make available unique records relating to the Jewish people in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. The AJHS’ collection spans books, illustrated manuscripts, medals, plans, newspapers, historical records, photographs, audiotapes, videotapes, film and other printed electronic or audio-visual material. Material on almost every aspect of Jewish life is available, such as personal papers, photos, bound newspapers and corporate records sourced from individuals through to synagogues, communities, and Jewish organisations. The Society is continually building databases of communal interest including marriages, burials, military service and more. It also has been given the mandate by the New South Wales Jewish community to be the repository of archives of Jewish communal organisations and communal leaders. It holds digitized audio and visual media including audio cassettes, 7mm films, videos, CDs & DVDs, as well as digitized photographs and negatives. Materials may be scanned by AJHS staff after approval from the Chief Archivist.

Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne

The Jewish Museum of Australia was founded in 1977. Today, it holds a collection of over 20,000 items including historical and contemporary Judaica, art, photographs, letters, diaries, documents, and more. The collection focuses primarily on Melbourne and dates mostly from the early twentieth century to the present. Special collections can be browsed online, where about 1/5 of the materials have been digitized.
Founded 1977

New Zealand Jewish Archives

The New Zealand Jewish Archives was formed in the early 1980s, and is found at the Jewish Community Centre in Wellington, New Zealand. The NZJA collects documents, photographs, memorabilia, Judaica, books, pamphlets, newspaper cuttings, oral recordings and video tapes about Jewish life in New Zealand.